Tuesday, October 18, 2011

elephant in the room

This is by far one of my favourite expressions. I genuinely wish there was a literal elephant in the room because that would be neat.

The metaphorical elephant to which I refer in this blog title is the obvious site changes I'm making to this blog. Over the next few days you might experience some strange things as I play guess-and-check with some of the html; please be patient with me as I make this little space everything I ever envisioned. I've even created a button (top right, "Button Buddies") for my fellow bloggers--should you be so inclined to add it as an html gadget to your own sidebar.

In related news, if anyone has any ideas about how to keep my right sidebar stationary while scrolling the blog body, I'd appreciate it.

In unrelated news, I am waging a losing battle on fruit flies at our apartment. Does anyone have tips about how to keep those pesky buggers at bay?


  1. 1. I am digging the changes - they look great.
    2. I'm super glad to be posting this from How Pinteresting, because I have a pin for you on how to get rid of fruit flies! http://pinterest.com/pin/277978152/ good luck!

  2. Nikki - you are amazing! Thank you :)