Saturday, October 8, 2011

fluffy tail

Today I needed to complete a bunch of cleaning, laundry, errands, and a huge biomaterials take-home midterm. Jon gets off work at 5, so my goal was to have all of this done before then. Given that it's nearly 2 pm and I have yet to touch my midterm, I'm thinking that isn't going to happen. And after all of the running around I've done today, I need a brief mental break before I try to tackle that beast. So for your enjoyment, I've decided to post a few pictures to show what Marsala's been up to lately.

Our downstairs neighbor has 2 dogs that are not little dogs. They love to run up to our door because they recently discovered a cat lives here. Whenever Marsala hears them on the threshold, this happens:

Fluffy tail!!!
We consider the puffed up version of the babes a step up because prior to mustering the courage to face the secured door, she would run under our bed... and not come out for a long, long time.

Today when I was doing the laundry (the washer/dryer are in the basement) I let Marsala out. There's a window right outside of our door that she likes to sit in since she usually isn't allowed out of our apartment. She decided to be adventurous today and run down to the basement right as I was coming up the stairs with the laundry basket, so I grabbed her and placed her in the basket to carry her the rest of the way up to our unit. I then placed the basket on the couch. Ten minutes later, she hadn't moved:

I also found these gems on the camera, another product of Jon's doing that he neglects to tell me about:

Finally, just because I love the girl so much, I decided to post the comments my roomie from college, Angela, left me in my birthday card:

A little background: Angela is Asian. Angela also LOVES pandas. Angela is also the best and she's coming to see me in January so things can't get much better than that. For old time's sake, ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to Ang:

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  1. Cute pics. Now Marsala needs to meet the dogs face-to-face.