Saturday, October 1, 2011

gift tags

While Jon worked a long shift today, I made my way over to my parent's house to do some crafting with my mom, pumpkin spice latte in hand (provided for free by Starbucks as an early birthday present).

On the agenda? Gift tags. I got the idea from this Pinterest post (although, after looking at the link again just this moment, I realized the card had a hole cut out in the front flap for the ornament and the inside probably had the colorful scrapbook paper glued to it). My mom has a Cricut, which makes projects like this much less stressful for the perfectionist in me. I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty pleased with the end product, though the pictures hardly do them justice:

For good measure, we threw in some less Christmas-y themed gift tags for birthdays:

I don't know where this craft bug (here, here and here) came from. I'm normally way too left-brained for most of these projects and I feel the frustration with my clumsy hands bubbling up until I throw down the glue stick and walk away defeated. But the other night I found myself "pinning" projects, many of which involve copious amounts of buttons. I'm pretty sure I've just discovered that projects that don't require much coordination or fine dexterity exist, and are generally open to interpretation so they need not always be perfect. Now I just need to execute the next idea...

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