Saturday, October 22, 2011


A few months back at my friend, Nikki's, wedding, I discovered my deep-seated affection for latkes. We're talking stalking the hors d'hoeurves servers one at a time and taking 2-3 latkes. It was actually out of control. Jon needed to stage an intervention.

Breakfast happens to be Jon's favorite meal of the day. As such, he always runs into the room the second I wake up (he's an early riser) and hounds me about what I want for breakfast because he's "starrrrrving!!!!!" Being the non-morning person I am, I usually grunt "nothing" and roll over. This morning I felt much more rested than usual so I asked him what he was thinking. He suggested latkes. Obviously I jumped at that opportunity given he'd be the one cooking them. Using this recipe, the fanfare commenced:

We added dill havarti to a few of the latkes, but the ones I ate were au naturale. We also had bacon (a favorite of mine) with it. Needless to say, was in latke heaven thanks to my breakfast fiend of a husband.

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