Thursday, October 13, 2011

model UN

The other night I helped Jon frantically search for some official, current documents from the Luxembourg(ian?) government. I was very confused about why a class in a theology major required this type of information until Jon informed me last night that he is Luxembourg in his government class' Model UN. He proceeded to tell me how he and four other countries were going to propose a resolution for nuclear disarmament because Luxembourg is very big about getting rid of (and not developing) nuclear weapons. My husband, the diplomat. He wears it sexily.

Luxembourg Pride
He then proceeded to tell me that his professor is their UN Chairman. Then he got this little sly smile on his face and said, "I'm thinking about introducing a motion to elect a new Chairman."

This conversation made me ponder which country would I choose if I ever got to participate in a model UN. I quickly came to my conclusion: North Korea. I would then proceed to not come to class because I was reclusive, but I would occasionally fire off emails all about how I was going to go nuclear on everyone if they didn't start complying with my demands. It would make me one of Luxembourg's arch enemies due to the whole nuclear weapons issue, but I figure that could add some forbidden-ness to our love, which, let's be honest, would just be awesome.

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