Saturday, October 22, 2011

night in

Reader's note: I'll be posting two blogs today: one for yesterday and one for today.

Yesterday around 9:45 am the runny nose I've had the last few days turned into more than that.

I share an office with 3 others, all of which have already had this horrendous cold. The last had hers over the weekend so I thought I was in the clear until it felt like my head was floating on a string next to my body. One of my coworkers even asked me if I had taken something for my cold because my eyes "looked REALLY out of it".

When I got home I wasn't feeling up to anything. Jon made this delicious spicy chicken skillet (white rice/black bean/corn/tomato) recipe for us for dinner:
The baby waiting for dinner on the Halloween tablecloth my mom made
Sparkling apple cider

Apparently I like black beans
He surprised me with a banana cookie pudding dessert:

He also strategically placed peanut butter on the bottom
After we ate, we watched the movie Hall Pass. It was pretty funny. Such a low key night was exactly what I needed--by the end of the night I felt a lot less foggy and much more rested.

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