Sunday, October 30, 2011

that kind of a home-repair weekend

Yesterday when I went to do laundry I noticed a sizable drip landing into (and ultimately on) our washing machine from a pipe above. A call to our landlord and a flashlight investigation later and we realized our neighbor's bathtub was leaking. He left her a voicemail and when I returned to get the laundry I neglected to fold last night it appeared to be gone. Phew.

Today we purchased an electric programmable thermostat for the apartment because we still had the mercury-laden turn dial type. Jon got it all installed and the heat turned on... but didn't turn off.

He since re-installed it... but the heat hasn't turned on. Which may or may not be a problem because the temperature it's set to is lower than the temperature in the apartment so theoretically it shouldn't turn on yet. We'll see.

As I was making potato gouda soup in the crock pot, I tried to garbage dispose the peelings, just as I've done many times before. Can you see where this is going?
I'd say Jon's face sums this all up pretty adequately.

Naturally, plunging didn't work. As soon as Jon leaves for work I'm off to buy Draino. If that doesn't work I'll probably just resolve myself to tears and curl up in a ball somewhere. You know, handling it like an adult.

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