Saturday, November 26, 2011


Sorry for neglecting you for a few days.

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Our Thanksgiving and Black Friday were great. Thanksgiving was spent in Youngstown with Jon's Mom's side of the family. The food was great and the company was a blast. We had a 45-minute conversation about farting. You know that's true family.

After leaving Youngstown we headed home briefly then met up with my sister at the Aurora Farms Outlets for our big Black Friday tradition. Jon and I walked away with 2 shirts from the Banana Republic store for a total of $11. We're such spenders! Sadly, our tradition was a bit a lot shorter this year due to the fact that I'm still not operating at 100%.

Friday morning Jon had to work and I headed to the local Urgent Care to make sure this whatever-I-have isn't bacterial. It's not. I walked out with a prescription for some steroids for my asthma... that I still need to get filled. After laying around all day Jon got off work around 3 and we headed to my parent's to celebrate Thanksgiving. Again, the food and company were amazing. We had to get family pictures taken. Jon discovered that I get my trouble making from my mom and sister. But then in the car he decided they get their trouble making from me.

I'm not going to lie--despite being sick, this Thanksgiving has been one for the record books. Especially because Jon made stuffed pancakes for breakfast in our new Ebelskiver pan this morning.

Now I need to clean our apartment, do laundry, and finish up this biomaterials paper draft. Expect a post about what I'm thankful for in the coming days (or weeks or months... whenever I get around to it).

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