Thursday, November 3, 2011

favourite wedding story

My friend, Nikki, and I were talking about weddings today because she and her husband got to see their professional pictures for the first time tonight. It got me thinking about our wedding and some of the quirky things that happened that could have been really upsetting if Jon and I hadn't gone into it with a mental "worst case scenario." Everything else that went wrong just seemed like child's play.

Incidentally, one of the things that went pretty stinking wrong had to do with our baker. We had ordered a small tiered cake and then a sheet cake for budgetary purposes. As such, I didn't expect anyone to even see the sheet cake so I also didn't expect it to be decorated. When I found out it was decorated, I was thrilled... until I saw how it was decorated:
Danielle + Paul... wait, what?
 Oh, hey everyone. Meet Jon's best man, Paul:
Did I mention never let two boys be in charge of getting their "nice" formal pictures? Because this is the nicest of the shots of the two of them.
 This camaraderie soon turned into this:

Jon eventually took matters into his own hands (literally):

A little bit of a backstory on this mishap: Jon's middle name is Paul and he frequently introduces himself as "Jon Paul." My guess is the 'Paul' is all that stuck out in the baker's mind. Some of the other things that went wrong included:

-the baker broke the head off of "Cake Topper Danielle"... and handed it to me as if I would be able to fix it (my sister did)
-the stereo wouldn't play the songs for the ceremony-- a good friend, Cameron, had to hold a mic to a small boombox instead
-it started to rain as soon as we got in the open-top getaway car (and through the rest of the pictures)
-I was horribly sick the 2 weeks leading up to the wedding, thus requiring frequent asthma treatments (did I mention I found out I had strep 2 days before our wedding?)
-Jon's aunt's car wouldn't start when she left my parent's house from doing our hair... and we had all left. The neighbor had to take her back to her hotel
-My dad's car wouldn't start the night of the rehearsal dinner to get to the church
-the caterer ran out of food
-the unity candle wouldn't light during the ceremony

I guess the moral of the story is your wedding is what you make of it. Sometimes what could feel like the worst problems turn out to be your favourite memories...

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