Wednesday, November 16, 2011

on political correctness

Last night we filled out our course evaluation for my biomaterials class. Several students quickly realized the level of PC Cleveland State is on:

Hint: look where the pencil is pointing
Things are getting ridiculous. Freshperson? Really? I'd like to consider myself a relatively independent & strong woman, but this is just ridiculous. And for the record, I'll be telling people "Merry Christmas" this holiday season instead of "Happy Holidays."


  1. While I think that wishing people Merry Christmas makes sense in December, if that's what you're trying to do -- honor and acknowledge a Christian holiday that's been watered down in the spirit of consumerism and perhaps, as you put it, political correctness -- I also think that it's nice to be inclusive, and to recognize that not everyone around us is a Christian, or even a Christmas celebrant -- in our wonderful society, there are Hindu and Sikhs and Muslims and atheists and even Jews such as myself.

    I am generally not offended when someone wishes me Merry Christmas, but it depends on the spirit in which they do it: is the wish intended as an offer of friendliness, of peace, of inclusion? Or a means of exclusion, a way of saying "I don't care about your beliefs; mine are inherently more valid than yours."

    From your post, it seems like your statement falls into the latter category, which, having read the Christian Bible, and, um, since Jesus is one of my people, I feel emboldened to say: not very Christlike.

  2. I can appreciate why you would feel this way from my post and I genuinely apologize if 'exclusion' is how I came across. The intended spirit of that comment was simply that I will not alter my own beliefs because it may make someone uncomfortable. I happily wish my Jewish friends and coworkers a Happy Chanukah with genuine spirit. But I do appreciate you calling me out on that because if I intended it in the spirit by which you took it I fully deserved to be called out.