Monday, November 21, 2011


I'm probably only operating at around 80% today, so bear with me.

I feel horrible as I've infected Jon with the whatever-this-is bug. He's miserable. Please pray that he feels better by Thanksgiving!

In unrelated news, the near-disaster laptop episode is not looking so good. I can use my laptop still, thankfully, but only when it's plugged in. The second I unplug the power supply it makes this dreadful nieeerrrddoo sound then fades to black. So tragic. I've since contacted Squaretrade to see if it's covered under my 3-year warranty, but I think it should be.

This week I am particularly missing this girl:
I nearly died from laughing when I looked at our 'friendship' page on Facebook.

We were supposed to have a Skype date this weekend but illness and long walks ruined that. Wanna know my favourite Phaedra story?

She, Faye and I were taking a summer class (Philosophy) and found ourselves on the steps of Wishnick Hall during break. I noticed a caterpillar hanging from its silk on a tree, and being the inherent biologist I am, I grabbed a tall stick to try to get it down so I could examine it more closely. Alas, I was too short, so Phaedra said, "give me that stick, I'll get it down."

What follows next is tragically hilarious. Phaedra succeeded at getting it down alright--she took a running head start and whacked that little guy like he was a baseball. I've never heard a small, living creature make such a dreadful noise. We were all cracking up / I was sad and she said, "I don't even know why I just did that!" I wish I could tell you that was the most outlandish Phaedra story I have. It's so not. But that's why I love her.

The moral of the story is: if anyone can make the distance between Seattle and Cleveland much shorter I would be ridiculously appreciative.

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