Sunday, November 6, 2011

weekend recap

It's been a pretty relaxing weekend on the whole--as I type this I have Russian sauer kraut simmering on the stove.

Friday night we had small group. I've gotta admit--that group of people is really starting to grow on me. I feel infinitely blessed to have been able to plug into such an honest, caring, "naked" community. I'm really excited about the future God has in store for us with regard to the relationships we're forming in that group.

On Saturday morning I woke up to this:
We're big fans of homemade hash browns and eggs with cheese (on this day it was gouda)
After breakfast Jon had to work. I got to spend some time at my parent's to pick up Jon's birthday present that I had mailed there. I always love being able to see my family--you'd think that living within 40 minutes of them would permit much more time spent together. False.

From my parent's I headed over to my friend, Tessa's. She threw a painting (technically a primering party--the painting party is next weekend I hear). I got to meet her family and let me just say: I wish I had a family the size of hers with all her wonderful cousins volunteering their time (and humor) to help out. It was amazing and in the end I was able to successfully scrape all the paint off my hands during an extra long shower. Within ten minutes of me getting out of the shower Jon got home from work. We scrambled to the Sprint store to activate his birthday present (that, naturally, I couldn't wait until Friday to give him), to Bath and Body Works to use a gift card my grandma gave me on some wallflower refills, and Target to browse the Christmas section (we bought lights). It was the perfect end to a perfect Saturday.

Today at church I really felt the Spirit turning over within me about some big things and the worship hit particularly close. I can feel God pulling me in certain exciting, albeit terrifying, directions and I'm curious to see how some of these things might unfold.

After church we were treated to lunch by our friend, Rebecca's, family at Rockne's. It was delish and we loved being able to catch up with them--they are very near and dear to our hearts. Jon has since left for work and I've caught up on some cleaning and cooking around the apartment.

How was your first weekend in November?

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  1. Those hashbrowns look delicious!! We are fans of homemade hashbrowns too, but they haven't turned out well in awhile so we've been opting for fried potatoes... care to share your secrets?

    Also, glad you've gotten plugged into a great church!