Thursday, December 1, 2011

are you having an emotion?

Last night I was really stressed out about everything I need to do before finals.

Okay, so maybe I'm still stressed out about everything I need to do before finals. But I digress.

I was freaking out and scuttling about our apartment as I prepared for bed. At which point Jon placed his hand on my arm, looked me in the eyes and gently asked,

"Babe, are you having an emotion?"

He knows how to make me laugh. Why yes, dear, I am having an emotion. I'm having a lot of "an emotion." But the sincerity in his question could only make me appreciate the fact that he took notice of my oh-so-subtle way of body slamming inanimate objects out of my path and muttering under my breath about Powerpoints and the organ of Corti. Then he hugged me. Squeezed me into his arms--the one place I find true and uninterrupted reassurance. Solace. As I work on my cochlear implant presentation for biomaterials and start to panic when my computer screen goes fuzzy and my draft goes missing, I picture that hug, those few seconds Jon spent to take notice of my emotion. And I am grateful.

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