Saturday, December 17, 2011

breathe easy saturday

With finals behind me, I can finally take a huge, glorious breath of snowy December air.

Last night we had a Christmas party with our Real Life Group. There was delicious food, great company, and a really fun Yankee Swap (or at least, that's what Jon claims it's called). The Yankee Swap is similar to a White Elephant gift exchange except you give practical gifts as opposed to goofy ones. Jon and I walked away with a candle, popcorn kernels, and popcorn oil. Not too shabby! Here's a picture of everyone's goods, courtesy of the Tabatcher's:

We ended up leaving around 9:30 because we're old fogies. This morning we had some time to spare so I tackled the messy credenza and threw out a ton of things we haven't even touched in a year. When Jon left for work I ran out to do some last-minute Christmas shopping. I also wrapped the presents we currently have (we're still waiting for a few to arrive in the mail and need to pick up one or two more).

There's just something about wrapped, sparkly boxes that makes me feel happy. It's not even about what's inside them. It's about the neatness of it--the clean lines, lack of clutter. It really speaks to my OCD.

Tonight I pretty much just have cleaning and lounging around on the menu. Jon took care of the housework and all of the laundry yesterday which has left me with nothing but relaxation, full steam ahead. Oh, and I can stare at the results of Jon's artsy side and marvel at how not artsy I am:

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