Saturday, December 3, 2011


I'm currently taking a quick break from deep cleaning our apartment. I'm bound and determined to get this asthma under control and I'm pretty sure the dust/cat hair everywhere isn't helping. I currently have all of our throw rugs in the washing machine, I've vacuumed, dusted, swept, and mopped, and I'm getting ready to tackle the kitchen.

Last night Jon and I played hooky and skipped small group to have quality time. We both had work-school-sleep schedules all week, so we literally spent about 3 waking hours together. We went to World Market and got our annual ornament (more on that in another post) after making ourselves ginger pad thai. When we got home we rearranged the apartment because I felt like it was too smushed.

We finally headed to bed around 10 and I was totally ready for it after not sleeping through the night for more than a week. And then I slept til 10. Bless Jon's heart for letting me--Heaven knows I needed it.

After waking up, I decided to make Jon breakfast since he normally makes it for me on weekends. On the menu: homemade hash browns cooked in bacon grease, scrambled eggs with green onion (only on mine, of course), spinach, feta, and garlic, and bacon. Delish!

Alright, there are some serious crumbs and dishes calling my name from the kitchen! Happy Saturday!

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