Sunday, December 11, 2011

life events

A few posts ago I told you I would catch you up on some of the goings-on in our lives. Last weekend we went to Jon's parent's. Jon made cheddar jalapeno stuffed pancakes in the ebelskiver. His parents were a bigger fan than I, and they had all of us reaching for a glass of water.

That night we were eager to go home and cook a cornbread-stuffed turkey breast in our brand spankin' new convection oven find from Aldi.

We also had a Pyrex full of hobo burritos in the oven. What's a hobo burrito you ask? Simply cut up all of your favorite veggies, place them in some tin foil, add butter, salt and seasoning, wrap, and steam. We typically do this on the grill (thanks for showing them to us, Heather and Paul!) but we did it in the oven.

Did I mention that Sunday night was the first time we've ever had a large Pyrex baking dish explode on us? I had taken it out of the oven and placed it on the (not hot) stove. I turned back to shut the oven when I heard a large BOOM! and something heavy hit my foot. Jon and I looked at each other/around in confusion and saw glass everywhere. The hobo burritos lay in shambles. The little throw rug we have by the sink melted from the hot glass that landed on it. There is a small brown spot on the counter from where the glass burned it. Being the rock I am, naturally, I broke down in tears. Jon exiled my hot mess self to the living room so he could, quite literally, pick up the pieces. The hobo burritos were salvageable. The turkey breast was just meh. Not sure how crazy I am about the convection oven but I'm willing to give it another chance.

Aside from that, the only things that have really been happening have been finals-related. Jon and I are studying machines. He has four finals next week, I have two. Finals weeks are often paradoxical for me: I am anxious about them the entire time and dreading their arrival, but at the same time I am so stinking excited that the end is near. Right now I'm in more of the dreaded phase.

Oh, I also had my cochlear implant presentation on Thursday. On Tuesday I thought I was presenting so I woke up early to get all dolled up and eat a good breakfast. I got to school and double-checked the agenda and discovered I wasn't actually presenting til Thursday. Needless to say I didn't exactly put forth the effort to get all dolled up again on Thursday: two days in a week is simply outrageous. I did discover that my public speaking-related anxiety is just as bad as ever. The vicious cycle of turning strawberry red, voice cracking, realizing my voice is cracking so I talk faster and therefore find myself quite literally gasping for air, etc. reared its ugly head. I apologize to my classmates and professor who had to endure such shenanigans.

This will likely be my only post for a few days. I really need to buckle down and pull these finals off. I'd say it's a safe bet not to bother checking back until after Thursday...

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