Tuesday, August 30, 2011

it was the best of times...

In my last post, I forgot to mention that a few days before classes started I got this email:

(Click the image to enlarge it in a new window)
This scholarship is a huge blessing. It covers more than half of my expenses this year. And literally two days prior I was crunching student loan minimums and adding the numbers together and having a total panic attack, so God looked out for us big time in that regard.

So where could there possibly be 'the worst of times' given the situation? Realistically, there isn't. Today has been a pretty rough day, but I've definitely had worse. Just trying to calm down, eat some grapes, and shrug it off. Truthfully, I think the grapes are helping.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

the last weekend

It's been a great "last weekend" before classes start tomorrow. We've gotten a lot accomplished and we've been able to spend time with friends that we haven't seen for far too long. But before I get into it, I'd like to mention the fact that I think Marsala believes she's some type of egg-laying cat. She loves aluminum foil balls and will often lay with them under her belly. Well, the other day she decided my cell phone was her egg:
Do you see it peeking out from under her right side?
Okay, now for the weekend:

Friday after work I stopped in to surprise one of my dearest friends, Rebecca. She's been away from home for about a year and a half but now she's back! I couldn't be happier and I can't wait to spend countless hours in her presence. Then we got to babysit this sweet babe again!:
Jon also spent a fair amount of time trying to teach Lillian how to crawl. It was comical to see him scooting across the carpet. I think Lillian found it comical, too.

Saturday we helped my brother-in-law move. I mentioned he's getting married so this was the first step to establish their first place together. After the move we went to hang out with Rebecca and her family briefly, but then we had to run to the store to buy our friend Cameron's birthday present. After procuring his gift, I realized we were right next to Sandwich Delites, one of the greatest sub places in the greater Cleveland area. We chowed down and headed over to Cameron's birthday party. It was a really fun night filled with great food and even better company.

Today has been our prep day for this week. I've portioned and Ziploc-ed servings of carrots, cucumbers, and grapes. There is a farmhouse ham and vegetable chowder in the crock pot. Our dinner (steak and chicken) include extra portions to carry us over the rest of the week. I've done copious amounts of cleaning, organizing, and laundry. Well, trying to do laundry considering this is what happened within 30 seconds of me putting the basket on the floor:

What did you do this weekend?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

very important things

After spending several minutes in deep thought during a commercial break of Sex and the City, I came to a conclusion: if you want to fully understand this blog, you need to be aware of a few very important things about me:

[1] I am a self-diagnosed hypochondriac. At any given moment, I have cancer, an an aneurysm, heart disease, and/or am pregnant with multiples... that may be ectopic. 

[2] I am a compulsive worrier. As a child I was convinced if I wasn't with my mom every second of the day she was going to be harmed by an unknown assailant. Now that I'm grown, I'm constantly convinced that Jon's dead if he's not with me.

[3] I am a hot mess. My physical response to anxiety, fear, stress, sadness, frustration, joy, and anger is tears. I cry like a baby. Poor Jon never knows what exactly he's walking into if he sees me crying.

[4] I am stuck in a perpetual state of nesting. Observe our bedroom prior to last night when I decided it simply must be rearranged immediately:

And after I convinced my husband this rearrangement was a life or death situation:

Anyone have any ideas to make that wall less empty??

[5] My husband never ceases to surprise me. Sometimes he's hard to get info from. Then I discover things for myself when I upload pictures of our newly rearranged bedroom to my computer and discover several adorable mystery pictures:

Yep, that's Jon's underwear/sock drawer.

[6] The only projects I've ever taken on but didn't finish are art-related. And mini-golf. Okay, and the countless diaries that only had three or four entries in them that I found in my old stuff at my parent's house before I moved out.

[7] I am a planner. I thrive on Excel spreadsheets, lists, and being at least 10 minutes early on time to any event I've committed to being at. Part of this planning includes making sure my apartment is clean. Otherwise it triggers my ADD and I am too stressed [see #3] to plan appropriately.

Any other important things currently escape me. I'm confident I covered the big ones, though. Now I need to go so I can #4 in our kitchen.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

art project

One of my besties, Alli, suggested I check out the blog Young House Love.

I did, and I was a combination of hooked and inspired. After carousing through their archives and miscellaneous projects, I stumbled across the cutest decoration ever. They use it as a baby mobile but I think it would look awesome in our bedroom. So today I printed off a Hobby Lobby coupon and a Michaels coupon and headed out on a mission.

Apparently I'm not so good at being okay with making non-symmetrical things. If I were to buy what they made, it would be a-okay. But not making it. Case in point:

Halfway done

Almost finished!

RIP flower stems

Finished product

It's only so-so to me.
I think sometime over the next week I'm going to pull off a bunch of those and re-use them to make the remaining 2 orbs. I'm just not knocked out by how it looks right now.

Redoing part of it worries me because my index finger didn't fare so well when using the Exacto knife for the first attempt. I tried to take a picture of my battle scars but without the flash it's blurry and with the flash my pasty skin glows and all you see is washout. In other news, here's an update on that burn:

Friday, August 19, 2011

bakefest '11

The title might be somewhat deceiving--sorry marijuana legalization readers--this post is not what you are expecting.

On Wednesday night Jon had to work until close so I went to my parent's house. At the last minute I decided we should bake cookies. Lots and lots of cookies. Big sister joined us and merriment ensued.

Bananas foster cookies!!

Pumpkin whoopie pies!!

Sugar cookies...

...on sticks!!!

Oh, there was also the appearance of two burns. On my arm. Because I'm awesome like that I have really poor depth perception.
Burn 1: it looks much worse today.
Burn 2
Burn 1 was received as I placed cookies into the oven. As a result I reflexed (and yelled "OW!!") and received Burn 2 from the oven door. Then I cried a lot and my mom freaked out and my sister laughed and said, "pictures for your blog!" I love my quirky family.

We literally baked and decorated for 4 hours. I was exhausted and muscle groups I didn't even know I had were sore. When I was driving home that night I think I made someone's life a bit brighter, though: I offered the toll booth lady a cookie pop. After a second with a confused look on her face she said, "that would be really nice actually." So I gave her one and she said, "You made this?!!?" Ego boost. When I got home I also gave our downstairs neighbor cookies, and when Jon came home from work he ate probably 7. But that's not saying much because that boy is a living, breathing cookie monster.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

just a keep a hold on me, don't let go if you float away

Currently listening to: The Starting Line's album, Direction. Click here and listen to the song "Island" right now. Just do it. This girl got me into TSL at an early age:

Now she lives in Austin for grad school and that makes me sad. I even had a dream last night that we were hanging out because she wasn't leaving for Austin until tomorrow. What a rude awakening it was when I.. awoke. But then today I went to our Facebook "friendship" page and giggled at the handful of pictures on there from our high school days. Memories.

In other news, classes start soon. The 29th to be exact. I have mixed emotions about it. I'm excited to start up because I've always enjoyed the social aspect of school (I met my personality crazy twins, Phaedra & Faye, there after all) but I have not enjoyed the never-seeing-my-husband and homework/studying aspect of it. My course load this semester is 3 credit hours less than last, though, so it should be a bit easier. I hope.

There's also this house that we drive past near our apartment. We called it our "dream house" mostly due to its massive wrap-around porch that I adore. We also always joked that if it was for sale we'd buy it in a heartbeat. Well, guess what's for sale? Dream house:
My heart.
I love it because it reminds me of a farmhouse but not in the middle of nowhere. We stalked the realty website and discovered they want $280k for it. It was much less than we were expecting but way more than we could ever dream of paying. I guess it's time to find a new dream house...

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Yesterday was my brother-in-law's bachelor party, so I took the day to head down to Columbus to visit my friend, Ina. The first item on the menu (literally) was to go to my favorite sub shop that has a big fat 0 locations in Cleveland:
Name that shop!
Truer words were never spoken.
After that Ina showed me around Ohio State's campus. I was impressed with it--the vibe reminded me a lot of Johns Hopkins. Once we had somewhat awoken from our food coma, we headed over to Jeni's where I indulged in a small combo of pistachio honey/the buckeye state. I also sampled bangkok peanut and salty caramel. It was unique and pretty delish.

Following ice cream, we headed back to Ina's place for food coma round 2 where we chit chatted and half-watched Law & Order Criminal Intent. An hour and a half later she took me to the Book Loft where we giggled immaturely at a pop-out Kama Sutra book (my favorite pop-out involved an elephant) and browsed through their 30-odd rooms of books. A quick run to Starbucks and a short drive later we were at Ina's boyfriend's place so I could meet him. We didn't get to stay long before I had to head out to make the 2-hour drive back north, but I was so glad I got to spend a good chunk of the day with her. We go back to elementary school and have a certain rapport about us, so I'm grateful for the few times we get to see each other.

Friday, August 12, 2011

babes & amish country

Last night we got to babysit sweet little Lillian. As always, I took video and pictures of our time together. My favourites are:

She was so sweet but she definitely gave me a run for my money. Our time reminded me how nice it is to not be responsible for another human's life and how I should treasure these moments with Jon where our family is just a twosome.

Today I took a vacation day from work to go to Malone with Jon to pick up his ID, books, and parking pass.  Afterwards, we headed down to Amish country with our friends Mike & Courtney for some shopping and lunch at Der Dutchman. I'm a huge fan of Amish country because you cannot beat their prices on things such as spices, flour, food coloring, etc., and their canned jams, jellies, and butters are award-worthy. Some of my favorite purchases from the day:
This candy is the best candy I've EVER tasted.

We bought that pasta sauce on our last visit and had to get another jar.
In all, this is what we came home with:
Not pictured: bison steaks and fresh bacon
It was great being able to catch up with Mike and Court. Der Dutchman was delicious as always (two words: pie sampler). I came home excited about our purchases (and waiting for autumn) and I was so glad that I got to spend a full day with my man.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

soup and sandwich

When I got home from work I went on a cleaning spree. Sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, taking out the trash, doing dishes & laundry. By the time I was done I could eat a horse. But not really at all.
Instead I had a grilled muenster sandwich, passion iced tea, and chicken, potato, spinach soup that my mommy made, accompanied by a vanilla cappuccino candle from my friend, Amanda, that smells like autumn.  Which happens to be my favourite season. All in all, I'd say this is a pretty good afternoon.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

the sky heard 'round the world

So this is what we're about to get hit with:
And somehow, that translates to this color sky:
 In real life, it's bright orange. I need to invest in a better digital camera.

Jon just called me from work to check in. He knows my anxieties all too well. Let's pray this one passes quick because I don't think our downstairs neighbor is looking forward to another frantic visit from this bag of crazy.