Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the nesting crisis

I am a habitual nester (exhibits A, B and C).

I was worried how much becoming pregnant would throw my inherent need to nest into overdrive. The first few weeks it did just that. I was organizing, re-organizing, throwing away, and envisioning the nursery. Poor Jon was exhausted from watching me run to and fro.

Then morning sickness happened. Then we realized we will probably need to move when our lease is up at the end of May because 1) we need more space and 2) our walls are paper-thin which is not conducive to silencing cries for our downstairs neighbor.

The end result has been a huge surprise for me. I'm over nesting. Not only do I have no inclination to nest, but I also have no inclination to cook, clean, or do anything that resembles organizing. Our apartment has been a disaster for nearly 4 weeks now and it doesn't even bother me. What is happening?? All I want to do is lay on the couch, nap, and take extra long showers. Jon has been a saint the duration of this pregnancy. He carried the slack when the nausea/cold(s) were at their worst and literally waited on me hand and foot whilst simultaneously keeping our house in order. Now that the season of severe illness has passed I've been able to take back some of my slack (this weekend I did the laundry, some picking up, etc.) but I've literally only done what it takes to keep our apartment from reaching 'condemned' territory. Part of me hopes this phase passes soon, but I mostly just want to nap.


  1. what!? you're pregnant!? congratulations!!!!!

  2. It will pass! You have plenty of time to prepare.... just rest for now!