Sunday, January 22, 2012

so about my absence lately...

There's a little something I've been keeping from you for the past 8-odd weeks. Something that's both as small as a plum but also very, very big. I've been so excited to tell you that I actually wrote this entry on January 5th and delayed posting it until today.

See that plum? That's how big our baby is. That's right--today marks 12 weeks (and a few odd days) of our first pregnancy!

Obviously, a big part of why I've been so miserably sick for the last 2 months has to do with our little plum. It's also why I've been so absent from YNP--a combination of nausea, fatigue, general discomfort, and the fact that this pregnancy is the biggest thing that's happening in my life and we felt it was best to wait to break the news to the internet world. Well, now that the cat's out of the bag (and I'm so close to what will hopefully be a MUCH easier 2nd trimester!) you can expect lots and lots of annoying posts from now on.

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  1. Mom and I are so pleased and excited for you and Jon! Looking forward to the grandparent "thing."