Monday, February 27, 2012

busy weekend

Pardon my absence this weekend--Jon miraculously had Saturday AND Sunday off work, so we spent every possible minute (for the most part) together, soaking in the glory of being reunited for two consecutive days.

On Saturday morning we made breakfast and met with our financial adviser again. After that we went to the mall to use a Banana Republic coupon (50% off baby!) and a Macy's gift card Jon had. We never did get to Macy's but Jon finally got a pair of Chinos--something he's been longing after for literally 4 months. He's just an odd size (31 waist) and has a really hard time finding pants that aren't 30 or 32. With our coupon, his BR pants were a mere $30 and therefore we couldn't pass them up. We ran out of time at BR and never made it to Macy's before we had to rush off to a store in Highland Square to pick up my sister's birthday present. Despite saying they opened at 11am on their website AND voicemail, said store was not open and we finally gave up around 11:35. We had a place to be after all--the hospital we'll be delivering at. We went on a tour of their maternity floor and both left in a state of disbelief--next time we come to this place, we will be leaving with a tiny human. Following the tour we headed back to the store to get my sister's present (they were finally open!) and had a quick lunch at Mary Coyle's. From there we rushed home to pick up a few things and then headed over to Heather and Paul's where I had "girl time" with Heather, Natalie, and Cristina and Jon ran off with Paul and J.O. for "man time." At 5:15 we left together for Jon's parent's house where we had dinner, then to Paul's parent's house to visit his mom who is recovering from a vicious dog attack, and then to a laser tag place to celebrate Nikki's birthday. Saturday was an exhausting day but well worth every second.

On Sunday morning we slept in a little before heading to the grocery store to buy supplies for dinner. We went to a later church service than usual because a couple in our small group was dedicating their sweet babe, Mary Jane, at it. Following church we headed straight to my parent's house for lunch. While there, we also helped set up a pack-n-play my mom got at as a huge steal to ensure all the pieces were included. We left my parent's around 5 and headed home where I made dinner--spicy thai beef noodle soup. Jon and I love this soup. We discovered it when I was on Weight Watcher's. We've varied it slightly--in the past we've used all beef broth, 1/2 beef & 1/2 chicken broth (currently our favorite version), and last night we tried 1/2 beef & 1/2 vegetable broth (not nearly as delish). I also added bok choy to last night's version. After dinner I wasn't feeling so great so I headed off to bed early and passed out fast.

It was easily the busiest weekend we've had in recent memory, but we were blessed that neither of us had copious amounts of homework to do. I have a video of Lillian from this weekend that I will try to get up soon because she's adorable and I will likely share more about our maternity tour in a later post.

Sadly I've come down with something, seemingly the flu. I'm feverish, achy and hazy and hoping this will pass quickly.

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