Sunday, February 19, 2012

date day

Jon had off work yesterday so we devoted the day to a belated Valentine's celebration. It began with homemade butter waffles topped with a frozen fruit syrup that I made on the stove:
Jon's first 2 waffles
Jon's 3rd waffle
After breakfast we cleaned the house and met with a financial adviser. After the meeting, we headed to Sonic to partake in some deliciousness:
Blue coconut slush + pineapple for her, lemonberry cream slush for him
After Sonic we ran a few errands, ate lunch, took a delightful afternoon nap, then waited for the Time Warner guy to come fix our internet. After the internet was fixed we made ourselves dinner: bacon wrapped sirloin, buttered noodles, and asparagus from Aldi:

I'd been looking forward to that dinner literally all week. Naturally, a few bites in and the bean wasn't having any of it. The majority of my steak is currently in the fridge and I hope to attempt again in a few minutes. After dinner we headed to Target to buy a digital television antenna because we cancelled our cable. $70/month for television that we simply spent too much valuable time in front of was unjustifiable in our minds. I'm happy to report our one-time purchase of $25 for a quality antenna has resulted in fabulous clarity of the few channels we normally watched on our overpriced cable anyway. Once this was installed and tested I got a terrible headache that hasn't really gone away despite Jon going on a late-night Walgreen's Tylenol (the only OB-approved painkiller on my "okay to take" sheet) run. Despite the pregnancy-related bumps in date day, I'd say it was the best Valentine's Day we've ever celebrated together.

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