Wednesday, February 15, 2012

on god's provision

Due to a series of miscommunications/misunderstandings with work, I went from believing my maternity leave would be covered via short-term disability (60% of my salary for my 6 weeks of leave) to discovering there is no coverage at all.

Ensue panic attack. Would I just not take a full 6 weeks? Should I try to get a 2nd job this summer when school ends? Try to babysit on the weekends? I was at a loss.

Since Jon is working towards his Bachelor's degree right now, his schedule does not afford him the luxury of anything other than a minimum-wage job. Furthermore, because of his schedule, the max he could work per week is probably 30 hours, but that would be totally pushing it. As a result, I currently [while Jon is in school] carry much of our financial load and the thought of us being without 3 of my paychecks while on maternity leave was more than daunting. We began crunching numbers and praying. I reached out to a few girlfriends for added prayer and advice. Heather mentioned to me how her maternity leave was unpaid as well (and she and Paul had a similar financial situation as Jon and I at the time) and "it was tough but we never went without a meal or running water." That girl is wise beyond her years.

Well, it didn't even take a few days from finding out maternity leave was unpaid to seeing God's provisions pour into our family. We did a preliminary filing of our taxes using H&R Block's online software. We're still waiting on a form from Jon's community college for Spring 2011 and one from the bank we have a mutual fund invested in, but they are otherwise filed.

And guess what.

Our tax refund this year--thanks to some lovely tax credits relating to Jon and I both being full-time students in 2011--covers my lost salary for my entire maternity leave... and then some. Then, even better news. Thanks to our general home-body nature, I had racked up quite a few vacation hours at work. Enough so to take a full 2 weeks of paid vacation during my maternity leave and still have a few days leftover to use in the event something unexpected happens once the baby arrives/maternity leave is over. To say I feel relieved, blessed, and beyond humbled by God's faithfulness would be an understatement. I wish my first reaction hadn't been to figure out how I can earn more money in the meantime, but rather to turn to God for guidance. This was a huge lesson for me about how I need to trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding (Proverbs 3:5).


  1. Prov 3:5-6 is one of my " life" verses.

  2. Great Reminder here. It's so tough for us not to think about how WE can fix our situations instead of turning to God. I'm usually humbled in this matter several times a month.