Tuesday, February 7, 2012


As of today (14 weeks and 4 days) I'm about 60% sure I'm feeling baby's movements.

It's still very early so I could definitely be wrong. I was sitting at my desk this morning with a space heater fan blowing on my legs on the floor. I noticed this weird vibration feeling on my lower abdomen and thought, "that's weird, the fan must be making my shirt vibrate." You know how if you hold a piece of stiffer fabric up to a fan the edges almost flutter? That's what I was picturing the sensation as.

I felt it intermittently throughout the day while sitting at my desk and just thought it was so strange that for literally weeks I've had the fan in the same spot and not experienced such a sensation. Around lunch time I looked down and realized I was wearing a very thick sweater. A not-so-easy-to-vibrate-by-a-measly-fan sweater. That coupled with the connection that many women describe baby's first movements as "butterflies fluttering in your belly" and the fact that I had written it off to a fan-induced fluttering shirt sensation made me pay some closer attention as the day progressed.

Some of my hesitations about thinking this is the baby's movement include:
1. It's still very early in the pregnancy. The first time women feel their baby move ranges from 13-26 weeks. At just over 14 weeks, this would be pretty surprising to me.
2. The sensation is very rapid. It almost feels like a very, VERY light drum roll in my tummy. Too rapid to be kicks (I would think).
3. It's very faint and very intermittent. Each flutter lasts maybe 5-6 seconds, if that.

Supposedly the sensation gets stronger/more regular with time. If this sensation keeps up over the coming days I'll probably up my confidence level. Suffice to say, if baby is indeed active enough this early for me to feel its movements it's safe to say this child is going to be a busy body like its mama (and we were hoping for a relaxed little bean like its dad!).


  1. haha you're so cute how you over analyze everything! I don't think I've put this much thought into... well, anything!

    I hope you're enjoying every second!

  2. Those aren't just kicks! Baby flip is a moving machine, testing those new arms and legs! I'm very sure you felt the first movements! Yay!

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