Monday, February 6, 2012

three cheers for five years

On this date five years ago, Jon asked me to be his girlfriend. Officially. Everyone knew we were basically exclusive by Christmas of 2006 (Jon told me he loved me for the first time that Christmas Eve), but I had made this little pact with God back in the summer of 2006 that I wouldn't have a boyfriend for at least six months while I worked on myself and my relationship with Him. Naturally, I met Jon not long after that little deal. I made it clear to Jon from the beginning--February 6 would be the expiration date of my 6-month no dating ban and he was not to ask me to be his girlfriend until then. He complied willingly.

Anyway, the morning of February 6 Jon called me bright and early (we're talking 6 a.m. early) to tell me I needed to go on my front porch. In a tired daze I angrily asked why it had to be done this second. "Just do it, please?" Sitting on our front porch on that below-freezing morning was a white rose with a note attached to it. It said something along the lines of, "I love you so much. I hope you have a wonderful day!" At the time I had a thing for white roses--I think I had read in a book (or probably saw in some rom com) a quote along the lines of 'white roses are so gentle and don't force you to love them like a red rose does.' I was such a cliche high schooler.
One of the earliest pictures of us together (taken on my cell phone, hence the low quality).
I spent my day at the community college for my post-secondary enrollment option wondering when the actual question would come (because I knew it would happen that day). I daydreamed about how he was going to ask. Would he show up at the college? Would he write a lovely message on my car windows? The sky was the limit. When I had finished all my classes and returned to my car (with no grand gestures written) I was a little bummed and confused. When I got home, I walked in the front door and noticed that each step leading upstairs had a white rose with a note attached to it gently placed. Knowing Jon had to be there, I quickly grabbed each rose and ran to the top of the stairs. He came out of my little living room up there and exasperatedly asked, "did you read each note as you came up the stairs!?" "Oh, uh... no." He gathered the bouquet from me and rifled through the cards, handing me them one at a time. In more or less words, each note had one word on it that ultimately asked me if I would do him the honor of being his girlfriend. He had the final rose, a red rose, which said 'girlfriend?' on the note and he gave that to me at the end.
Another earlier picture. Jon had moved to AZ at this point and when I visited we made a trip to the San Diego Zoo. Look at how long Jon's hair was!!
Being the comedy-is-my-defense-mechanism girl I am, I proceeded to reply something along the lines of "nah, I don't think so........ JUST KIDDING!"

Oh the look on his face. I was such a jerk. But then I kissed him and he hugged me and everything was okay. I then proceeded to inform him that it would be a tall order for him to come up with a wedding proposal that topped that one day. Suffice to say, he handled that task pretty well.

Happy [dating] anniversary, love! I'm so glad you chose to love me and ask me to be yours!
Visiting Jon in Arizona. By this point he had a Britney episode and had shaved his long hair off.

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  1. I really do love a Love Story. May you both NEVER lose that special bond that you share. Love - Dad