Saturday, February 11, 2012

valentine's flowers

Today Jon and I braved this February snowstorm to close one (of 2) savings accounts and get groceries. We're big fans of Aldi because their prices are amazing and the quality of the food has definitely gotten better in recent years. We figured out when our local Aldi gets produce shipments (Fridays) so grocery shopping on the weekend affords us the best selection of fresh fruit and vegetables.

While shopping today we noticed they had a ton of roses for $3.99/half dozen. We normally don't do anything special for Valentine's Day, but since this is our last one just the two of us I've found myself very sentimental about it. We decided we're going to cook a fancy dinner/dessert together and just have a night in. Unfortunately for us, Tuesday nights I have class and Jon works. However, Jon miraculously has next Saturday off so we're going to celebrate then.

Back to the roses. I'm a sucker for flowers--not because of the status symbol attached to being given them as a gift but because of their smell. They make spring seem promisingly close as I long for reprieve from frigid snowy days. Jon encouraged me to pick out a bouquet because I normally wouldn't spend any money on fresh flowers. We chose this one:

Incidentally, a certain baby thought we bought them just for her:

If you look hard enough you can see our snowstorm outside the window
I was beyond pleased with our find. They bring a little bit of life to our dining room, plus I love smelling them.

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