Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the day the pregnancy gods rained all up in this parade

Today I feel great despite having my "check engine" light appear last night, waking up three times a night to pee, etc. It's the first day of spring. It's 80 degrees in Cleveland. And the pregnancy gods have been smiling on me today.

First I was craving a mocha frappe from McD's. Unwilling to shell out the cash (or spend the time running to get one) I realized I had the goods on hand to make one. I used a coworker's blender and combined one of my decaf Starbucks Via's with cream, ice, and chocolate syrup. It turned out much better than I thought.

Then I was craving a pickle. I even mentioned this need to a coworker. The next thing I know I get an email saying there are leftover Panera sandwiches from a meeting in the kitchen. Wanna know what was wrapped in with these sandwiches? PICKLES. I may or may not have rummaged through a few sandwich wrappers to get to some extra pickles...

Then I was craving something sweet and fruity. One of my other coworkers keeps a stash of goodies in her filing cabinet so I inquired if she had anything she was willing to donate. What does the girl hook me up with? Jolly Ranchers and a Blow Pop.

Greatest day ever.

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