Wednesday, March 7, 2012

the haps

The baby has grown increasingly active over the last week or so. I've finally experienced sequential, rapid-fire style kicks (the first main experience was during church announcements on Sunday--8 in a row!). I think the baby/my uterus (what a weird word) is finally growing up instead of just out and as a result of my growing belly I'm no longer supposed to sleep on my back. Something about a crucial blood supply to the baby potentially being cut off with long-term back sleeping. Typically I'm a 50% side sleeper and 50% back sleeper so this shouldn't have been a huge adjustment, but it has been. I've not had a fulfilling night's sleep in 5 days. I wake up for frequent bathroom breaks and as of the last 2 nights, intense round ligament pain on my right side. I'm exhausted and cranky and yesterday morning I pinched my right fingertips in our garage door because it decided to stop working and I had to shut it manually.

White girl problems, I tell ya.

Overall, though, I can't complain. Compared to the morning sickness I experienced during the first trimester the 2nd tri has been a total walk in the park. Jon and I have settled on a crib/mattress and Jon's parents are very generously buying it for us and the wee one. I don't think I've mentioned on here but we're moving (again, sigh) when our lease ends in a few months--we want to stay in the same area but we really need more space. Hoping to rent a house if we can find one in a safe neighborhood and in our price range. That means no nursery nesting for me until at least June. Womp womp.

Jon's on spring break this week and mine is next week. We're both still working a lot though so the break really hasn't been much of one. I plan on packing up several boxes during mine to start the move transition. I also want to start making a "garage sale" pile because we're having a combined garage sale with Jon's parent's sometime this spring. Jon will be done with finals by April 26 and I finish up May 11. It seems so far away and yet so close...

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