Thursday, March 29, 2012

house update {or lack thereof}

On Tuesday night, we signed, sealed, and delivered all relevant paperwork to our Realtor to put the offer in on the house. Mad props to my mom and dad for making the trek out to Akron in order to help walk me through some of the stuff I was signing my name to. And also for buying me McDonald's after, even if it was selfishly motivated so you two could feel the baby kick ;).

Anyway, since this particular house is a Fannie Mae property, the Realtor advised us we would likely have to wait weeks until we get any sort of response. Her exact words were, "I'll be shocked if we hear anything at all within 10 days." Sigh. This whole waiting business is no fun at all, especially with our lease date rapidly approaching and no present Plan B.

So now, we wait. We're doing a LOT of praying in this time, namely that if it's meant to be we'll trust God's will and timing and if it's a bad move on our part that God will keep this door firmly closed and we'll get a big fat no negotiation-room rejection. In the meantime, Jon and I are doing EVERYTHING in our power not to picture all of the updates and renovations we want to do to this house. We keep reminding one another that we have to GET the house first. Did I mention how badly this waiting game sucks?

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