Monday, March 26, 2012


I'm starting to think Jon has some misconceptions about his pregnant wife. Today I was going to bring a large bag of bagels into work to share but naturally forgot them at home despite strategically placing them by the door last night. When I was conveying my pregnancy brain mishap to him via text I quickly realized that Jon thinks I eat... A LOT.

Me: Here... without the bagels. I love you.
Jon: You ate them all on the way there!?!?!
Me: No! I forgot them at home!
Jon: Oh... That makes more sense. I love you.

In related news, Baby Flip was Jersey Shore'ing it up on my insides last night after we crawled into bed around 9:30. Jon was able to feel every kick, jab and fist pump for a solid 15 minutes. Every time it stopped he re-initiated the process by poking my lower right side--where the baby's feet have consistently been--which worked like a charm. We think it's because I ate corn on the cob right before bed and baby must LOVE corn on the cob like its mama. Either way, it was one of the most beautiful moments the two of us (three of us?) have been able to share thus far in this pregnancy.

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