Friday, March 16, 2012

oh, hello world

Our 20-week appointment went spectacularly. When we first got in, the baby was curled up, face down. The ultrasound tech was able to get phenomenal pictures of the baby's spine. She was concerned the bebe wouldn't cooperate to give her the views she needed but after a few minutes of spine imaging the baby was raging mad and moving all over the place. She got all the shots she needed. She said everything looks great and our baby has a flare for the dramatic (gee, I wonder where it gets that from...). The babe kept putting its right hand over its forehead and she thought that was hysterical. The tech also kept remarking what long legs and feet the baby has, at one point saying "see those feet? I'm not zoomed in. This is actual size" so I guess we'll have a runner on our hands, just like its dad. When we went over all of the results with the doctor he said everything looks great, no anomalies presented. I'm actually measuring 20 weeks 4 days instead of just 20 weeks but my estimated due date is still the same. We're so grateful that everything seems to be going smoothly and baby's developing on track. And now, the moment you've been waiting for:
Profile! My favorite I think.
You're looking head-on: belly on the left, face on the right (nose in center of face)
Another profile
Chimpanzee feet like its mama! 
 In a very unexpected turn of events, we found out our OB office has 3D ultrasounds:
My favorite/least creepy of the 3D ultrasound images
Hand on the right side of its face 
Hand over the forehead - such a drama baby. It's also holding its umbilical cord (the striated tube by the nose/arm)
"Leave me alone. Growing is super hard work." (alien baby)
 We didn't find out the gender, nor did anyone "slip" and refer to the baby as a 'he' or 'she'. Baby's heart rate was 164 beats per minute. Also, Baby Flip is using my bladder as a pillow which explains my hourly bathroom runs despite barely showing. If everything continues this smoothly the next time we see our babe will be on its birth day!


  1. These are awesome. So what do you and Jon think NOW - Boy or Girl?

    1. Not sure about Jon but I still think it's a boy... have all along!