Sunday, March 4, 2012

pink rice crispy treats

While doing our standard Sunday morning grocery shopping at Aldi I noticed a box of rice crispy cereal. I've been craving rice crispy treats for a while and the store-bought kind just aren't the same. We've also decided to try and eat as many things we have stored in our pantry as possible and I recalled an opened bag of large marshmallows sitting on the bottom shelf.

While making the treats today, Jon said he wanted to do something "special" to them. He suggested chocolate chips and I explained that I just wanted old fashioned rice crispy treats with no bells or whistles--I'm so high maintenance. He proceeded to dig out an unopened box of neon food coloring and said "can we at least make them pink?" And thus, pink rice crispy treats were born.

If you want to make you own color of rice crispy treats, simply add the food coloring once you've melted the marshmallows and before you add the rice cereal.

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