Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I remember the time I had just gotten home from the dentist, my pearly whites fresh from a cleaning--one of my most treasured events. You and your friend offered me a piece of gum. Knowing my weakness, I happily accepted. Within seconds, you two were laughing. Trick gum that dyed my teeth green. I was so upset!

Then there was the time we went on one of our annual winter getaways to Frankenmuth. Our hotel room had a balcony. We decided we were going to camp out on the balcony and moved our mattress out there. It was winter. We didn't last.

Every time we went to restaurants I asked what you were having before I ordered. Once you made up your mind, I ordered the same thing. You hated when I did that.

Then there was the dinosaur and the human pretzel. Mom's glares. She still hates the dinosaur. It still cracks us up.

I know it wasn't always easy being my big sister. I tattled and acted as your shadow, copying your every move. I was 3 1/2 years younger and inherently annoying, but you always had my back. That was one thing I was certain of. I could make you angrier than you'd ever been, but push came to shove you were 100% there for me.

I can't imagine what life would have been like without you. Growing up you were my confidante and protector and for that I am eternally grateful. Happy birthday, big sis. I pray this year treats you well.

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  1. It does a dad's heart good when his children share genuine love and affection for each other. Than you and God Bless you both. Love, Dad