Sunday, March 11, 2012

on fantastic weekends

This weekend was beyond glorious. Jon miraculously had off Saturday and Sunday (again! 2nd time in just a few weeks!) and we got in lots of quality time. Friday night while he was working I started to pack up and I did a massive clean of the apartment--we're talking on my hands and knees scrubbing the bathroom floor clean. On Saturday morning we ran to Giant Eagle to deposit a check and get breakfast ($0.79 bagels and doughnuts) before heading to a flea market in Akron. The flea market ended up being a total bust. It literally looked like people went to a local thrift store, found the crappiest crap they had, bought it, and brought it to this flea market to resell. We spent all of 30 minutes there before heading home disappointed. On the way home we decided to stop at the local Salvation Army where Jon got a tie and I found 3 cute little baby outfits. We walked out $4.20 poorer but very happy. From Salvation Army we headed to Aldi to get groceries and then to lunch at Olive Garden. I have consistently craved OG salad and breadsticks this pregnancy so we cashed in our Valentine's Day gift card from my parents. Not long after lunch we ran out to the Medina Antique Mall and were floored at the stuff we found. Two of my favorite items (that both happened to be a couple hundred dollars) were a 50s floor lamp and a yellow rotary phone.

From the antique mall we headed over to Alex and Natalie's house to hang out with their adorable girls while Natalie ran errands. I took a trillion pictures, as usual, but narrowed down my favs:
This girl cracks me up!

We had a blast hanging out with them and they wore us out! Today we had Jon's parents over for lunch. Jon made a roast and corn on the cob on the grill and I tried a new crispy potato roast recipe:
The whole meal
Everything was really good. I didn't add the shallot to the potatoes because that's not Jon's style. If I reuse the recipe I'll probably add some cheese to it. After lunch we headed back to Medina Antique Mall with his parents because Jon's mom is an old-things enthusiast just like him. After what felt like hours there (I have a very short attention span) we said our goodbyes and headed home. Within minutes of getting home, Jon and I embarked on a 30-minute walk around our 'hood. After our walk I made pizza, we ate, and I crashed. This weekend really wore me out but it was worth every second. We even had our windows open in the apartment for a few hours today! It doesn't get any better than that in early March in Ohio.

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