Friday, March 9, 2012

yes please

Do you SEE this!? It's early March... in CLEVELAND... and I spy a high just shy of 70 on Wednesday! Also, I rhymed totally unintentionally. This is what lovely weather does to my brain. I work right near a stretch of the Ohio towpath and earlier this week some coworkers and I went on a nice walk along the canal during lunch. I think there will be a LOT more of that this week. 

Also, pregnancy brain has not been kind to my lunches as of late. Yesterday I packed myself a PB&J with cinnamon apple jelly. My logic was that I love peanut butter apples so peanut butter+cinnamon apple jelly would be delish. Wrong. Flustered by the soap tasting sandwich, I deconstructed it, ate the peanut butter half, and threw the jelly half out. When I told Jon this he cracked up and asked why I didn't eat the jelly half by itself, too. I have no words. Then today I was running late and threw stuff in my bag to make a peanut butter & banana sandwich at work. Except I forgot the banana. Sigh. The good news is I got the best sleep I've had in 7 nights last night. It still left room to be desired, but I'll take it. Jon is off tomorrow and Sunday so expect little from me until at least Sunday night--I want some time with my man!

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