Sunday, April 8, 2012

easter 2012

He is Risen!

Today we celebrate the fact that Jesus defeated death so that we could all find a way to Heaven. Sometimes it's easy for me to forget the importance behind this holiday and my hope is that once we have our baby we will instill on him or her the glory surrounding Christ's death and resurrection.

We started our morning at church and followed it up with some cleaning and homework. At lunch we headed over to my parent's house and it was really enjoyable. Sadly it didn't work out to get to Youngstown to spend part of the day with Jon's family but we're excited to travel there in a few weeks for Jon's cousin's first communion.

At my parent's we ate an INCREDIBLE lunch of ham, cheesy potatoes, rolls, salad, and green bean casserole followed up with Superman hot fudge sundaes. I should probably pause to explain what Superman ice cream is because I'm pretty sure it's a Midwestern thing--it's three flavors of ice cream: yellow-dyed vanilla, blue moon and cherry and is delish. Following lunch we dyed Easter eggs and popped these weird Easter poppers. Then our cousins, Laura and Al, dropped by for a bit. It was wonderful spending time with my family and I'm so excited that this time next year I'll be able to dress Baby Flip up in his or her Easter best :)
Jon in his paper crown from the Easter popper
Me, Baby Flip, & Jacqui in our paper crowns
Gram & Mom (and paper crowns)
Dad in his paper crown
Mine and Jon's Easter baskets (yes, my mom still hides baskets for us and I love it)
Our eggs! My sister's are mostly on the right and mine are mostly on the left.. Mom made the stork
My sister had mad rubberband skills making her eggs and she also made an egg that reminded me of the ocean.

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