Tuesday, April 10, 2012

general life updates

-Jon's almost done with school this semester! He just has about 2 weeks left and only a few exams/1 major project in his way. I've been a witness to just how much God has sustained him this semester. It's incredible.
-We got credit approved for our mortgage--our final approval will depend on the appraisal of the house, which should be completed within the next week and a half.
-Our home inspection is tentatively scheduled for Friday--we have to confirm that Fannie Mae will have all utilities turned on by then, but we're keeping our fingers crossed that they'll come through for us.
-I finished a draft of my biomechanics paper. It's very short and I need to go back and add a few things per my professor's suggestion, but that should only take another hour or two.
-I feel more pregnant than ever. I got my first comment from a stranger asking when I was due and I think it's safe to say I've officially passed the awkward-beer-belly-size phase and am into the nope-she's-definitely-pregnant phase.
-We went and got a ton of paint chips over the weekend to start narrowing down what colors we want in each room at the new house. We're hoping to take them to the inspection on Friday to hold them up against the woodwork in the house to make final decisions on what we think would look good.
-Last night when I was in bed I sneezed and my top retainer flew across the room. It took me a solid five minutes to find it. When I told Jon about it after he got home from school he couldn't stop laughing. I was perplexed.
-I've been craving seafood--nothing in particular, just whatever I see on those Red Lobster commercials. I hate seafood. Such an odd feeling.
-I'm officially not convinced Baby Flip is a boy. I realized that I have no real "gut feeling" towards either gender anymore. Although I did have a dream last night BF was a boy.

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