Thursday, April 5, 2012

mental nesting

Jon and I have been discussing the nursery at great lengths over the last week or so. While this is probably dangerous given the house hasn't been inspected yet and we still aren't *100%* sure we'll be buying it as a result, it hasn't stopped us.

Here are some of our tentative plans:
-light grey walls with some modern, light orange pinstripes
-painting a dresser that we were gifted fo' free from some dear friends--the frame will be white and the drawers will be light orange with silver hardware that we got on clearance at Target for $2.99/box!
-hopefully buying this carpet:
-and this fan:
-my mom is making our crib bedding and we've gotten to work with her on the fabric selections--so excited to see how it all comes together!
-Turning all of the Menchie's spoons we've collected into some sort of a mobile/decoration that involves spray paint and fishing line
-moving this chair into the nursery from our bedroom
-making some prints (painting or otherwise) to hang on the walls based on Etsy-related inspiration

I am SO looking forward to getting my hands on the house keys to start working on the nursery... I suppose we need to get it inspected first.

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