Tuesday, April 3, 2012

oh you know... house update {3.0}

Not too much new to report over here in Flipland.

Oh, you know, except that we just bought our first house. Here's how Nikki and I reacted to the news:

I can't even believe it. We put a counter in to Fannie Mae yesterday morning and got a response from them by yesterday evening. They countered with a number that was less than a thousand dollars more than the highest we had decided we would be willing to go. Our Realtor quickly responded with a slight variation of our best and final offer (we had to increase our earnest money deposit but that's no biggie) and then today we got news that they agreed to it!

Obviously we need to sign a hot ton of papers and the house still needs to pass some inspections (namely getting the roof looked at, checking for termite damage, etc.) which could be a dealbreaker. We don't foresee them finding anything seriously wrong with it though based on the preliminary walk-through Jon's dad and our friends Mr. Barnes and Scooter made. Assuming all goes well with the inspection we have a close date of April 30. That will give us a solid month to make it livable, fix a few things, paint some walls, etc. and then move all our stuff in before our lease expires. My brain is currently in overdrive on the nursery. We have big plans for that room after not even considering it for, well, the last 4.5 months. If everything goes through you'll probably not hear from me the month of May thanks to home reno's and of course finals, spare some scant  DIY and house updates. Fingers crossed!

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