Wednesday, April 18, 2012


If there's one thing I've learned from this whole buying a house situation it's that I am impatient. Further, I have a hard time learning to BE patient. To trust God's will, perfect timing, and grace.

Our official deadline to have the house inspected and any issues mentioned to Fannie Mae was April 12. The utilities weren't even on by the 12th.

As you know, we've experienced inspection-related delay after delay. Today we were planning on having the boiler inspection/termite inspection done. The termite inspection was completed today--they found termites--but we won't know the depth of the issue until tomorrow when we get the report. The boiler inspection couldn't be completed today because when they went to dewinterize the boiler yesterday they discovered some broken part that needed to be replaced. I've been told it's being replaced/dewinterized tomorrow. I have my doubts.

It's really hard remembering to trust God through all of this "hurry up and wait" drama. We have options for both the termite/boiler situation. If the damage is mild, which our general home inspector seems to believe, then we are going to ask Fannie Mae to fix it. Furthermore, we are likely going to ask them to certify the boiler so if it craps out on us in the next year we're covered. That being said, we will be doing a lot more waiting and likely a lot more negotiating. It's anyone's guess if we'll have to walk away from the house at this point.

I'd be surprised if we do end up needing to walk away. Both of us have felt like God has been clearing the path for us this entire process. I believe this is God's will since my senses/comfort zone are screaming at me to run for the hills. We may not have a place to go when our lease expires. Our closing date may get pushed way back. We could be making the best decision of our lives by waiting patiently. Or we could make the worst decision of our lives and potentially overlook certain "signs" and move forward with something not willed for us. And yet I am filled with peace. I'm learning how to be patient, let go, and trust God. It's not been easy at all. I'm still struggling with it. But I know that everything will work out in the end.

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