Saturday, April 14, 2012

saturday musings

Yesterday I had my OB appointment to check for gestational diabetes. I should get those results sometime Monday. When she tried to get a count on BF's heartbeat, BF kept wiggling and moving around which hindered her ability to get an accurate read. For what feels like the trillionth time this pregnancy we were informed that "that is one VERY active baby in there!" After the appointment, Jon and I did our weekly Aldi run. Then, after a really fun evening with our small group last night and then staying up late to talk when we got home, Jon and I slept in this morning. Well... Jon slept til 7 and I slept til 8. Either way, it was glorious!

This morning Jon offered to meet one of my lately-cravings: waffles. Butter waffles, to be exact. We topped them with blueberry syrup, fresh strawberries, and cool whip.

Today we have to run a few other errands and I'm getting lunch with my mom, sister, & mother-in-law to discuss baby shower plans which I'm really looking forward to. I also have to do some cleaning and physiology homework today, as well as wrapping up my intervertebral disc replacement paper. Happy Saturday!

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