Saturday, April 21, 2012

should've known better.

On Wednesday I posted about patience. Given God's sense of humor, I should have known better than to declare my growth in this area.

The termite and boiler reports we were supposed to have gotten? Yeah. No dice. Well, technically I did get the termite report yesterday but that didn't leave much room for knowledge to be gleaned from it. The good news: they didn't actually find live, creepy termites. Did I mention just thinking or typing the word 'termites' literally makes me shudder? Because it does. I feel like they're crawling on me. I mean look at this. I almost died when I saw the Google image search results.
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But anyway, no live termites. Just evidence that termites once existed in part of the basement/evidence that they had been treated (traps around the property). I think they're supposed to go back early next week to give us an estimate on how much it will cost to do a preventative-type treatment. Which means I'll know that in a month. As for the boiler, not a peep. So we're still very much playing the waiting game. We've managed to push back our "drop dead" date to the 29th, which also means our closing date will move back should we decide to move forward. Where we stand now, there are really only 2 things that could break this deal for us:

1. Fannie Mae will refuse to pay for that preventative termite treatment I mentioned earlier
2. Fannie Mae will refuse to certify the boiler so if it breaks the first year we're not responsible for the cost to fix it

Given that Fannie Mae sells their properties "as is," I think there is a significant chance they will say no to one or both of those requests. Jon and I have decided that they either agree to both those conditions or we walk away. With our lease end date looming ever-nearer, I really hope we come to a resolution either way before May 1. Should this deal fall through, we will search for a new apartment/rental home and will not search to buy for the time being.

In other news, while Jon was playing with the baby (aka incessantly poking at my belly) the other day, he looked up at me and said, "All I picture is a little Marsala in there." Hear that, BF? Your daddy thinks you're a cat.

This will likely be my last post for a few days. I have an insane weekend and then I leave for New Orleans for a work conference first thing Monday morning so I won't have much time/energy to write. I've got brief layovers in Chicago and Baltimore going to/from New Orleans (respectively) so if you see a pregnant, cranky-looking blogger in the airport terminal it's probably me and you should come say hi. Also, if you have any restaurant suggestions in the French Quarter area of New Orleans that are not predominantly seafood/super pricey, I'd love to hear them. Finally, why is it news like this always pops up days before I'm supposed to fly when I'm already a very nervous traveler?

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  1. ahh! i used to live in new orleans! be honest, the quarter is ridiculously freaking expensive for food. if you can make your way out of the quarter (take the st. charles streetcar) almost everything in uptown is great.
    if you absolutely must eat in the quarter, there is a place called "mother's" that has FANNTASTIC fried chicken and other good home-cooked style stuff. it is definitely reasonable price wise as well.
    if you need more suggestions, let me know :)