Wednesday, April 25, 2012

TSA peer pressure

I got back from New Orleans very late last night. It was an absolutely crazy 2 days literally jammed full from 4:30 am - 11:30 pm EST on Monday to 6 am - 9:30 pm CST Tuesday. Jon had bought me compression socks for the flights (I had 4 over 2 days) and while they did a decent job at alleviating most of the swelling I was particularly puffy in the ankle department when I got home last night.

On the whole the trip was great. I didn't get to see too much of New Orleans but I did check out the French Quarter and had the best virgin pina colada ever. My poster presentation at the conference went well and I'm getting more and more confident with each conference I attend. I'd say the most upsetting part of the trip was when I was leaving Cleveland on Monday morning. I had decided I wanted to opt out of the full body scan because I simply don't trust the safety of them yet, especially with regard to pregnancy. When I got up front I mentioned I wanted to opt out and do the pat down instead. The guy I asked informed me, "it's not an x-ray machine, it's radio frequencies" while the female TSA agent on the other side of the scanner was waving me to come through. I glanced at the ever-growing line of people behind me and stepped into the scanner and before I could say anything about wanting to opt out she said, "it's perfectly safe. We've done all of the studies and everything. But I mean it's your right to opt out." In a nutshell, I felt totally peer-pressured and obliged with the full-body scan. Then I cried the rest of the way to my gate. I felt like I had somehow failed my unborn child. That I neglected to protect the baby because I could feel the stares and glares of everyone around me hot on my neck. I'm sure the hormones didn't help either.

The good news is I felt the baby kick most of that flight. That reassured me that BF was doing just fine. The other good news is that experience/how I felt after gave me the moxie to not repeat the process on my flight home from New Orleans. The best news is that I didn't get put in that situation in NO--I was directed to a line that was using traditional metal detectors instead of the full body scanner.

In house news, they finally have the boiler up and running! We also got a quote on some termite preventative treatments and they aren't cheap (just north of $1k) so I'm not sure if we'll be able to convince Fannie Mae to cover that after all. Hopefully we'll have more concrete answers/a revised closing date soon so we can plan accordingly. Here is a SUPER mini-teaser for you on some of the interior pics:
living room/front entrance
dining room (view from living room)
kitchen (left) and living room (right), view from dining room
In school news, I'm in the homestretch! I just have 3 presentations and half of a biomechanics assignment between me and finals. Jon is completely done with classes/finals and is wrapping up a paper that's due tomorrow. I know he's feeling much less stressed because when I got home from the airport he had cleaned, washed dishes, AND taken out the trash--all without any prompting from me. What a guy!

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