Thursday, May 31, 2012

rugs and such

Today Jon and I made what I believe is a real grown-up purchase: a large area rug for our living room. I qualify this as a grown-up purchase because I think rugs are kind of boring and very expensive. We had our eyes on a 7' x 10' rug at Home Depot that was priced at $197 but I just wasn't sold--we were teetering far too close to the dreaded $200 mark. We checked out Homegoods (nada) and had Gabriel Brothers and Lowes up next on our list. Today we headed over to Gabriel Brothers and found a real beauty: an 8' x 10' wool rug for the lovely price of $150. I loved the colors. I loved the pattern. I was far more comfortable with the price. It all felt right. We stood, stared, and debated for a solid twenty minutes and opted to go for it. We also walked out with six curtains--two of which were not the same color as the remaining four but heywe'reonabudget!--for the living room because the living room window was too massive and took all 4 of our current curtains leaving a sad little side window curtainless. The results, in my humble opinion, are nothing short of extraordinary:

Don't mind our mess--we're still very much getting settled. This weekend I'm hoping to finish off the radiator covers (the gaping holes underneath the large window) and hang some of our pictures and whatnot.

The crib mattress was also delivered today and is nestled upstairs in the crib but I think I'm going to hold off on posting any nursery updates until it's basically complete. One thing is for certain: this house of ours is really beginning to feel like home.

3rd tri nesting

Last night I was on a nesting binge. I headed over to the apartment to clean out the kitchen and hand over our keys. When we got back to the house we rearranged boxes, unpacked those that we had spaces set up for, and moved furniture from the guest room into the attic office. By 7 pm I was totally drained so Jon suggested we take a break to put the crib together. I am so glad we did.

Now that we know we have all the pieces/it all goes together, I plan on painting that amber colored drawer orange to match the dresser. We ordered the mattress and I expect that by this weekend. My mom and dad are coming over this weekend to help us with a few house projects, including finishing the nursery painting, so that lovely blue painter's tape should be gone by Sunday. Everything major is coming together, especially with regard to the nursery, and I can't wait until it's done and we have a little babe to lay there. One thing that struck me in particular while we were assembling the crib was the wonderment of whether it will be a little boy or girl we bring home to this house. I'm still thinking BF is a boy while Jon thinks BF is a little girl. Just about 9 weeks until we know!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the one where i almost failed childbirthing class

Jon and I had our first of four childbirthing classes yesterday. He was giving me sass the entire ride to the hospital because I had brought two pillows and a blanket (per the class instructions) 'cause he thought I had made it all up. When we got to the room and he saw all the other couples with their blankets/pillows I let out a loving toldyaso.

The beginning of the class was a lecture format that discussed things such as the gate control theory of pain (I had read about it in one of my hypnobirthing books), where all your pregnancy weight gain goes (fluids! placenta! baby! maternal stores, womp womp), etc. That was all fine and well. The highlight was when we discussed kegels and our teacher gingerly informed us she was doing them at that exact moment. Jon's face turned red but the best part was one of the partners to the a lady full on cracked up awkwardly loud and couldn't make eye contact for about five minutes.

Following the lecture we began practicing our breathing and relaxation techniques. The only problem? I was Mrs. Giggles the entire time. But when I'm listening to audio telling me things like "pretend your right arm is warm. Keep repeating to yourself: my right arm is warm. My right arm is warm. Now relax your right arm and feel it fall heavily to the earth" what am I supposed to do? Laugh uncomfortably I daresay! Jon kept shooting me looks and telling me to stop it. Not conducive to relaxation at all.

The icing on the cake? The prenatal bonding exercise. The mellow audio voice lady told me to talk to my baby. To ask it questions and imagine the answers. Then she told us to picture our babies in a serene happy place... like floating in the middle of the ocean. I promptly looked at Jon and informed him my baby floating in the middle of the ocean to drown/become a shark snack is the least serene thing I could think of. She concluded by telling me to "say goodbye to your baby for now, until next time" at which point I was just completely confused because this child is within and I'm not really sure how to say goodbye to something of that nature. Needless to say I think I went straight to the bottom of the instructor's 'good students' list in under an hour. I'm not sure how we're going to get through the next three classes, especially if/when it comes time to watch a video of a live birth. The instructor's demonstration using a pelvic model/baby doll was disturbing enough for me. I know I can't handle seeing the real deal. That's way my face and baby delivery pieces are on opposite ends of my body. I'M NOT MEANT TO WATCH THESE THINGS HAPPENING. Amiright?

Monday, May 28, 2012


Yesterday we did a little unpacking, rearranging and curtain hanging but we didn't do much beyond that thanks to exhaustion, heat and soreness. Jon also had to work 1-6 and I can only do so much lifting/moving by myself given my current situation. When he got home from work we were both hot (our house is still air conditionless) and in need of something fun. We decided to use a Menchie's gift card I was given as a graduation gift (thanks Jess, Cam & Myles!) and indulge on the froyo train.

Jon got chocolate and peanut butter frozen yogurt topped with boba pearls, peanuts, and some other toppings I can't recall. I got peanut butter, cake batter, and banana frozen yogurt topped with hot fudge, peanuts and a maraschino cherry. They were delicious and a much needed treat after the last few weeks.

I spent this morning at the apartment cleaning it up and grabbing some of the items we left behind due to not having enough boxes and/or room in the truck. Jon and his dad went to pick up the washer and dryer we got from my mom's friend/coworker. On the docket for today is rearranging, unpacking some boxes, and trying to find a list of about 10 items that we know are here we're just not certain where. We're definitely making progress and each item that we can check off the list makes us more excited about being homeowners.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

abundantly blessed

We are mostly moved in spare a few things at the apartment that we need to bring over. We were overwhelmed by the help we got yesterday--about fifteen of our family and friends helped us move our stuff in 90-degree heat and high humidity. If that's not love I don't know what is. To all of our helpers--thank you, deeply, from the bottom of our hearts. There is legitimately no way we could have done this move by ourselves without you.

The only room we really have set up is our bedroom. We placed that on priority yesterday because last night we went to the Chicago Fire vs Columbus Crew game in Columbus (I know, we're crazy) and were gone from about 3:30-11:30 pm. We went with two of Jon's best friends, Paul and Christian, and it was a blast. Even though our team (the Fire) lost to Paul and Christian's team (the Crew), it was a great match to watch. On top of it all I got Potbelly's and 2 icee's out of the mix. Hey, it was super hot out. Don't judge.

Suffice to say, Jon and I are both quite tired and sore today. We need to run a few errands, namely to Home Depot to buy the screws for the curtain rods that we had already bought but can't find anywhere, as well as to Aldi and the apartment to bring over some of our food. We're going to be stoveless for probably a month because we don't want to install it just to remove it to redo the kitchen, so we will pretty much be doing all of our cooking in the microwave, on the grill, or not at all. As such, we need to buy lots of ready-to-eat foods such as rotisserie chicken and cold cuts.

Hopefully over the next two weeks we will get settled enough for me to post pictures of our first home together.  Oh, and Marsala is officially back to her meowing, chatty self, so we know she's adjusted just fine. I'm pretty sure she doesn't know what to do with three levels of windows on four sides of the house. She's been bird watching like crazy and is currently perched on our dresser watching the world outside our windows.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

left behind

As we prepare to move today, someone has shown a great deal of apprehension.

In other news, Baby Flip's crib came yesterday!

someecard saturday

I recently rediscovered someecards. Due to the hecticness that is/will continue to be our lives over the coming months, I have decided to start a weekly post that sums up how I'm feeling that week in a sassy cartoon someecard that I either found in their archives or created myself.

{Image Source}

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

maternity sesh

After a way too late night working on the house last night, we came home to the glorious surprise that was our edited maternity pictures, courtesy of Nikki & Jim. Picking our favourites was darn near impossible, but here are the select few (except a lot more than a few) that are our absolute top picks.

There was something howling in the park. We thought it was gonna eat us.

I also have some favourites that involve the baby names we picked out, but per Jon's request I'll be withholding those until post-baby. Thank you, Nikki & Jim! We adore them :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

on heartburn & home

This child gives me heartburn something fierce. Out of curiosity, I Googled the origins of the lots of heartburn /full head of hair wives tale and to my surprise found out there was a correlation in a study conducted by Johns Hopkins University researchers that this is actually true. They don't believe heartburn causes a full head of hair (or vice versa) but rather both are a result of some other hormonal cause. We should know how legit this is in about 2 months. But I'm fully expecting a wolf baby.

I know I said I wouldn't post any picture updates of the house til it's more complete, but I couldn't resist. Plus, my cell phone camera is so crappy I don't really count this as a legit preview. I present to you the freshly painted dining room:

Also, the colors that we chose? I think only one or two actually ended up being purchased. We went a little wild on the "oops" paint. But $30-$40 paint for $7.99? How could we not!?

Monday, May 21, 2012

baby flip's nursery

So Jon and I figured out the main furniture items for the babe's nursery and I wanted to share with you to help hold you (and me!) over until we actually get to execute all of our plans.

For the crib, we wanted something not ridiculously priced while being modern and sleek. We opted for the Baby Mod ParkLane convertible crib:

The wooden drawer is actually an amber color that I'm not crazy about, so we have big plans to spray paint that portion of the crib orange to match the baby's dresser and our nursery color scheme.

Since we chose a relatively inexpensive crib, Jon felt it was necessary for us to get the best crib mattress available. After extensive research and a lot of convincing his cheap wife on its necessity, we came to an agreement to buy the Nook Pebble Lite mattress in cloud:

We were gifted a dresser that we refinished to use as the baby's dresser/changing table combo:

A while back, we refinished a chair and have big plans for it in our bright nursery:

Finally, since the grey we chose for the nursery walls turned out much lighter than anticipated, we changed scope from our original orange rug to a grey one from IKEA:

And that sums up the "big ticket" nursery items. There will obviously be fun accents, shelves, etc. A good portion of the nursery items haven't been ordered yet for the sake of us wanting them delivered directly to the house and us not living there yet, but i'm hoping to have the nursery finalized by the end of June. I'm sure you can expect picture updates along the way!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

ch ch changes

The upstairs floors are all re-sealed! Pretty much everything is painted up there except the bathroom (which is going to be renovated in a month or so anyway), one hall closet, the hall (but it's primed!), and the accent stripe in the baby's room! A good portion of the water damaged finished basement is torn out! The downstairs is also mostly primed and I think the downstairs floors are being sealed tomorrow or Tuesday!

The moral of the story is that interior things are virtually done. We still need a stove but I am holding out on that because the kitchen is also going to be renovated within a month or so and I don't want to have to pay someone to hook up the gas stove twice. Plus, in the summer heat + a house with no AC, I know I won't be doing much cooking other than on the grill/in the microwave and if I absolutely need to I'll buy a hot plate in the meantime. The next big project to finish is all the outdoors stuff: we need to grade the property (that involves buying topsoil), clean the gutters, patch up a few popped nails on the roof, clean out/fix some of the window wells, scrape the paint off the exterior doors and sills and repaint, etc. I'm hoping we'll get that all done pre-baby but I'm pretty sure we're running on empty after all the house stuff we've been doing the last 2 weeks so we'll see. We have fabulous friends and family who have put so much time and love into our house and we are so grateful.

Also, be on the lookout for my favorite of our maternity pictures posted here by midweek. I don't get to see them until Tuesday so by Wednesday I'll hopefully have some posted. :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

truckin' along

Have you seen the season finale of New Girl yet? No? Go. Now. Hulu the heck out of that. It doesn't disappoint.

In other news, we have been trucking along on the house. The master and nursery closets have been painted, the guest room is now painted, except the closet (next on my 'to do' list!), we purchased a fridge (thanks Craigslist/Jon's dad for letting us use his truck!), and are hopefully buying a stove tonight. The upstairs hall is well on its way to being completed. Jon has begun sanding the hardwood floors to lay down a new coat of urethane. The basement demo is scheduled for Saturday. Jon's mom has done a mean job of cleaning the woodwork and taping it off in preparation for us to paint. Light fixtures have been moved around. The electrical and plumbing work is done and we've scheduled the mason to come and make his repairs. The biggest news is that we will be hiring our friend, Scott, to majorly revive our full bathroom and kitchen! Unfortunately he's crazy busy the next few weeks so that won't be done for about a month or so but when he's all done I know we will be thrilled with it.

I've made my calls to schedule appointments with the home security company, the internet provider, and the gas and electric companies. The water/sewage/trash company is giving me a serious run for my money, but I'm hoping to have that all ironed out by mid next week. This is the second consecutive month that I'm nearing my max on anytime minutes. This is unheard of since I prefer texting to old fashioned phone calls any day of the week.

All in all, it's really starting to come together and I am growing more excited by the day. I've never been so invested in one "home project" like this before so it's an exciting time to look at the various pieces of the house and think I (/we) did that. It's really rewarding and I never cease to be amazed by just what a coat of paint does for a room. It's like a completely different house.

I'll likely wait to post any big before/after pictures (well, you've seen all of the 'befores') until we're completely moved in and have curtains, pictures, etc. hung up. Not to mention the fact that even once we've moved in we still have a fair deal of work to do OUTSIDE of the house and I will be kept quite busy up until Baby Flip's arrival with these home-related projects as well as little things such as biweekly OB visits and childbirth classes. In the meantime, I'm hoping to post some of our maternity pictures within the next few weeks that our friends Nikki and Jim took of us last night. I haven't seen any teasers yet but Nikki is really excited and she's her worst critic so I know they're going to be phenom.

Oh, one last major development: I passed physiology! That means I should be officially receiving my Master of Science diploma in the mail within the next few weeks. Praise God for sustaining me through this education process!

Monday, May 14, 2012

mother's day recap

Yesterday was my first pseudo-Mother's Day. While I don't necessarily consider myself a full-blown mom yet, I do believe I have a child (not just a fetus) growing within. If I were to lose said child, I would be devastated.

The day started off with breakfast with Jon's parents. The four of us then headed over to the house to do some additional painting/cleaning. We're really making progress on it--the master bedroom is completely done with the exception of the floors being re-sealed and the closet primed. The nursery is in the same exact state as the master with the exception of an orange accent stripe that has yet to be painted. The guest bedroom needs one more coat of paint, primed closet, and re-sealed floors. I believe the upstairs hallway and dining room are next up on the painting docket.

Jon gave me a card and a Bamboobies purple nursing shawl, neither of which was I expecting!:
{Image Source} PS, this picture is totes creepy with those little legs dangling out from under.
Following work on the house I met up with my sister and mom at a little tea house in Cleveland for high tea. We had cute finger sandwiches, mini desserts, etc. It was a great time and a welcome distraction (our grandma has been in the hospital/ICU/etc. for the past 3-4 weeks so it's been a very rough month). After tea my sister and I headed over to the hospital to visit with our grandma for a bit. She's doing much better than the last time I saw her so that did my spirit some good. After the hospital I headed home where Jon and I ran a few errands and back to the house to install some new outlet/light switch covers.

All in all, I'd say my first unofficial Mother's Day was pretty great. Not to mention I'm blessed with lots of amazing moms, moms-at-heart, etc., in my life.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

don't hate, matriculate

Commencement was on Saturday for my Master's degree. Baby Flip was freaking out in utero the entire ceremony. I pulled the traditional dip and ran to the little girls room promptly after crossing the stage and receiving my diploma. Obviously I don't want to be a huge distraction trying to get back to my seat after walking out, so naturally I met up with the family at Gate C and we bowed out. A small BBQ at my parents followed with some family and friends and it was an amazing day. I felt so blessed by all the love and well wishes.

Eugene, me, Anjali
The proud husband
The proud family
The delicious celebratory fruit salad
Sangria that I unfortunately had to abstain from
I always think I'll like these types of salads. I never do.
One more of the boy toy.
Naturally, I totally forgot to get a picture of me in full-on garb. I promise that will come soon because it's been requested by both mine and Jon's families.

In news for another blog post, Happy Mother's Day!