Thursday, May 31, 2012

3rd tri nesting

Last night I was on a nesting binge. I headed over to the apartment to clean out the kitchen and hand over our keys. When we got back to the house we rearranged boxes, unpacked those that we had spaces set up for, and moved furniture from the guest room into the attic office. By 7 pm I was totally drained so Jon suggested we take a break to put the crib together. I am so glad we did.

Now that we know we have all the pieces/it all goes together, I plan on painting that amber colored drawer orange to match the dresser. We ordered the mattress and I expect that by this weekend. My mom and dad are coming over this weekend to help us with a few house projects, including finishing the nursery painting, so that lovely blue painter's tape should be gone by Sunday. Everything major is coming together, especially with regard to the nursery, and I can't wait until it's done and we have a little babe to lay there. One thing that struck me in particular while we were assembling the crib was the wonderment of whether it will be a little boy or girl we bring home to this house. I'm still thinking BF is a boy while Jon thinks BF is a little girl. Just about 9 weeks until we know!

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