Sunday, May 27, 2012

abundantly blessed

We are mostly moved in spare a few things at the apartment that we need to bring over. We were overwhelmed by the help we got yesterday--about fifteen of our family and friends helped us move our stuff in 90-degree heat and high humidity. If that's not love I don't know what is. To all of our helpers--thank you, deeply, from the bottom of our hearts. There is legitimately no way we could have done this move by ourselves without you.

The only room we really have set up is our bedroom. We placed that on priority yesterday because last night we went to the Chicago Fire vs Columbus Crew game in Columbus (I know, we're crazy) and were gone from about 3:30-11:30 pm. We went with two of Jon's best friends, Paul and Christian, and it was a blast. Even though our team (the Fire) lost to Paul and Christian's team (the Crew), it was a great match to watch. On top of it all I got Potbelly's and 2 icee's out of the mix. Hey, it was super hot out. Don't judge.

Suffice to say, Jon and I are both quite tired and sore today. We need to run a few errands, namely to Home Depot to buy the screws for the curtain rods that we had already bought but can't find anywhere, as well as to Aldi and the apartment to bring over some of our food. We're going to be stoveless for probably a month because we don't want to install it just to remove it to redo the kitchen, so we will pretty much be doing all of our cooking in the microwave, on the grill, or not at all. As such, we need to buy lots of ready-to-eat foods such as rotisserie chicken and cold cuts.

Hopefully over the next two weeks we will get settled enough for me to post pictures of our first home together.  Oh, and Marsala is officially back to her meowing, chatty self, so we know she's adjusted just fine. I'm pretty sure she doesn't know what to do with three levels of windows on four sides of the house. She's been bird watching like crazy and is currently perched on our dresser watching the world outside our windows.

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