Monday, May 7, 2012

and so it begins

With the realization that the next several weeks/weekends/any free time we have will likely be filled with house-related maintenance and upgrades before Baby Flip arrives, I had a sudden urge to get a move on the dresser. We received a dresser from a family friend for free and our original plan to sand/refinish it blew out the window when we tried to sand the top of one of the drawers and discovered it was actually a plastic made to look like wood (or something). We went to Plan B and I found this inspiration:
{Image Source}
However, since staining was no longer an option, we'd do orange paint instead and then silver hardware for the drawer knobs. We managed to pick up some silver knobs on clearance at Target for $3/box of 4, so we snatched those up right away. Yesterday morning, Jon and I got to work on priming and painting the dresser:

The drawers turned out to be a lot more orange than we were expecting, so we might white wash them. Jon has a plan for that which I don't understand the specifics of, but I trust his creative genius. Here are some current "finished" photos:

We might also put a glossy finish on it to protect it from little grubby hands. Our stroller also came in the mail and we picked it up and Jon put it together Saturday night. It's great and I can't wait til it's filled with a baby.

If you're interested, we used a shellac-based primer on the dresser and then Rustoleum 2x Ultra Cover spray paint. For a material such as this I highly recommend using the primer because the spray paint didn't stick nearly as well to the areas (such as the sides of the drawers) that weren't primed as thoroughly. Also, Jon had picked up a spray paint trigger handle for about $2 that was well worth the investment. It provided a more even coat, less hand fatigue and it saved us paint from not getting it all over your trigger finger.

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