Monday, May 21, 2012

baby flip's nursery

So Jon and I figured out the main furniture items for the babe's nursery and I wanted to share with you to help hold you (and me!) over until we actually get to execute all of our plans.

For the crib, we wanted something not ridiculously priced while being modern and sleek. We opted for the Baby Mod ParkLane convertible crib:

The wooden drawer is actually an amber color that I'm not crazy about, so we have big plans to spray paint that portion of the crib orange to match the baby's dresser and our nursery color scheme.

Since we chose a relatively inexpensive crib, Jon felt it was necessary for us to get the best crib mattress available. After extensive research and a lot of convincing his cheap wife on its necessity, we came to an agreement to buy the Nook Pebble Lite mattress in cloud:

We were gifted a dresser that we refinished to use as the baby's dresser/changing table combo:

A while back, we refinished a chair and have big plans for it in our bright nursery:

Finally, since the grey we chose for the nursery walls turned out much lighter than anticipated, we changed scope from our original orange rug to a grey one from IKEA:

And that sums up the "big ticket" nursery items. There will obviously be fun accents, shelves, etc. A good portion of the nursery items haven't been ordered yet for the sake of us wanting them delivered directly to the house and us not living there yet, but i'm hoping to have the nursery finalized by the end of June. I'm sure you can expect picture updates along the way!

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