Thursday, May 3, 2012

big buy

Today Jon and I made our first big baby-related purchase: the stroller. This was one of the first things Jon extensively researched once we found out we were expecting and we realized pretty early on which one we wanted.
Jon was  instantly sold on the Valco Baby Ion EX Stroller. I'm not sure the details about why he chose this one--I trust his judgement and this pregnancy has made me more than happy to sit back and let him make the big decisions. We were able to find it for $150 off the normal price, free shipping and tax included so it ended up not being terribly expensive (they normally run about $400). We decided not to register for it because 1) neither of the places we registered at carry it and 2) we felt weird asking people to shell out so much for a gift for us by including it on a registry. We had been holding off hoping it would go on sale even deeper but I believe it's last year's model and I was starting to worry that it wouldn't be available any longer when we did go to buy it. Hopefully it's as great as the reviews claim and Baby Flip enjoys riding in it!

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