Sunday, May 13, 2012

don't hate, matriculate

Commencement was on Saturday for my Master's degree. Baby Flip was freaking out in utero the entire ceremony. I pulled the traditional dip and ran to the little girls room promptly after crossing the stage and receiving my diploma. Obviously I don't want to be a huge distraction trying to get back to my seat after walking out, so naturally I met up with the family at Gate C and we bowed out. A small BBQ at my parents followed with some family and friends and it was an amazing day. I felt so blessed by all the love and well wishes.

Eugene, me, Anjali
The proud husband
The proud family
The delicious celebratory fruit salad
Sangria that I unfortunately had to abstain from
I always think I'll like these types of salads. I never do.
One more of the boy toy.
Naturally, I totally forgot to get a picture of me in full-on garb. I promise that will come soon because it's been requested by both mine and Jon's families.

In news for another blog post, Happy Mother's Day!

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