Monday, May 28, 2012


Yesterday we did a little unpacking, rearranging and curtain hanging but we didn't do much beyond that thanks to exhaustion, heat and soreness. Jon also had to work 1-6 and I can only do so much lifting/moving by myself given my current situation. When he got home from work we were both hot (our house is still air conditionless) and in need of something fun. We decided to use a Menchie's gift card I was given as a graduation gift (thanks Jess, Cam & Myles!) and indulge on the froyo train.

Jon got chocolate and peanut butter frozen yogurt topped with boba pearls, peanuts, and some other toppings I can't recall. I got peanut butter, cake batter, and banana frozen yogurt topped with hot fudge, peanuts and a maraschino cherry. They were delicious and a much needed treat after the last few weeks.

I spent this morning at the apartment cleaning it up and grabbing some of the items we left behind due to not having enough boxes and/or room in the truck. Jon and his dad went to pick up the washer and dryer we got from my mom's friend/coworker. On the docket for today is rearranging, unpacking some boxes, and trying to find a list of about 10 items that we know are here we're just not certain where. We're definitely making progress and each item that we can check off the list makes us more excited about being homeowners.

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